Retrovirus Packaging Kit.

This unit gives a quick and helpful technique for creating high titers of replication-awkward retroviruses in just 48 hours.

This Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMLV)- based bundling framework and VSV-G has the ideal host range expected for your objective cells.

This unit contains high proficient transfection reagent and a prepared to-utilize retroviral bundling blend.

Separate articulation of the fundamental viral underlying qualities guarantees security and command over the recombinant develops by limiting the dangers that emerge during cell division and decreasing the possibility delivering replication-equipped infection.

Our QuickTiter Retrovirus Quantitation Kit gives a speedy technique to deciding retroviral titer. This examine measures the viral nucleic corrosive substance of your retrovirus, and might be performed either previously or after cleansing of your infection.

Lentivirus 10X Titer-Up Reagent
Increment Lentivirus titer for ~ 5 to multiple times in infection bundling system. This item is for research utilize as it were.


This infection titer help is an original formula of little particles intended for expanding/supporting lentivirus bundling proficiency.

Lentivirus 10X Titer-Up steadily directs the viral RNA bundling on the transcriptional level, which can improve creation of lentiviral particles for up to 10 overlap.

Increment infection titer by 5 to multiple times
Increment viral RNA record
Increment infection molecule bundling productivity

Each part of Lentivirus 10X Titer-Up reagent is practically tried in infection creation analyze utilizing 293T cells to guarantee the lentivirus titer supporting proficiency.

Infection Products

  • For COVID-19 exploration
  • Disease Enhancer for COVID-19 exploration
  • Prepared to-utilize SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 Lentiviruses
  • HIV Reporter System
  • HIV Rev-subordinate Reporter Cells
  • HIV InfectinTM Enhancer (improve contamination rate 5-20 folds)
  • Infection Transduction Enhancer
  • PV100 Virus Transduction Enhancer
  • PV500 Virus Transduction Enhancer

Lentivirus 10X Titer-Up

293T Transfection Reagent for Lentivirus Packaging
Lentivirus Packaging Kit
Lentiviral Packaging Mix
Lentivirus/Retrovirus Concentration Solution

Retrovirus 10X Titer-Up

  • 293T Transfection Reagent for Retrovirus Packaging
  • Retrovirus Packaging Kit
  • Retroviral Packaging Mix
  • Lentivirus/Retrovirus Concentration Solution

Infinity Rocker Pro-CE

IR101-CE Next Advance 1each 1097 EUR

Infinity Rocker Mini-CE

IR102-CE Next Advance 1each 1077 EUR

Inifinity Rocker XL-CE

IR103-CE Next Advance 1each 1194 EUR

Infinity Rocker Stack 3-CE

IR301-CE Next Advance 1each 1491 EUR

Infinity Rocker Stack 4-CE

IR401-CE Next Advance 1each 1588 EUR

HIV 1+2 Ab CE ELISA test

97 Biobase 96T/Box Ask for price

Rabbit Anti HIV-1 gp120 protein IgG, clone 2

AB-21010-2 Alpha Diagnostics 100 ul 469 EUR

Anti-HIV protease (HIV-1/HIV-2) Purified

11-302-C025 ExBio 0.025 mg 104 EUR

Anti-HIV protease (HIV-1/HIV-2) Purified

11-302-C100 ExBio 0.1 mg 167 EUR

HIV-1, HIV-2 Protease Substrate

5-01313 CHI Scientific 4 x 5mg Ask for price

HIV-1 Tat Protein Peptide

B1433-1 ApexBio 1 mg 128 EUR


HY-15487 MedChemExpress 10mg 6122 EUR


E5-00060 EnoGene 1mg 960 EUR

HIV Infection Enhancer (Medium) (1 ml)

H901-1 101Bio - Ask for price

HIV-1, HIV-2 Protease Substrate Peptide

20-abx265644 Abbexa
  • 439.00 EUR
  • 718.00 EUR
  • 328.00 EUR
  • 10 mg
  • 25 mg
  • 5 mg

Anti-HIV protease (HIV-1/HIV-2) Purified Azide Free

10-302-C025 ExBio 0.025 mg 104 EUR

Anti-HIV protease (HIV-1/HIV-2) Purified Azide Free

10-302-C100 ExBio 0.1 mg 167 EUR

25ML Formamide CE

NAT1096 National Diagnostics 25ML Ask for price

Rev-A3R5-GFP/Luc HIV Reporter Cells

HRC-2 101Bio - Ask for price
  • Transfection Reagent
  • Fast infection creation
  • Prepared to-utilize
  • Wide reach target cells
  • Generally safe of replication-capable

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