pLKO.1-APC shRNA-2 Plasmid

Asuragen gives superior grade, custom atomic diagnostics (MolecularDx) controls by utilizing a blend of item improvement and assembling skill. Our set-up of custom items incorporates Armored RNA, Armored RNA Quant®, Armored DNA Quant, plasmid DNA (round and linearized) and in vitro interpreted RNA, giving novel, target-explicit controls to address your issues.

Reinforced Controls have been used in IVD-supported measures for over 20 years and keep on filling in as a significant apparatus in the quickly developing space of atomic diagnostics.

pBR322 DNA

Plasmid for cloning of twofold processed limitation pieces.
Select for recombinant DNA. The Pst I and Pvu I cleavage locales in the ampicillin quality, or the Cla I, Hind III, BamH I, and Sal I destinations in the antibiotic medication quality permit the addition of unfamiliar DNA parts, and inactivation of one of these qualities. pBR322 DNA has been utilized in to study counterfeit metallonuclease action.

Cell line improvement assumes a fundamental part in drug advancement. It is the extension associating drug disclosure and improvement. In this way, It is most extreme significance to foster more proficient creation cell lines for recombinant proteins/neutralizer that meet modern necessities. A solid cell line advancement administration can constantly save your important time and lower your last expense.

BioIntron can give stable cell line improvement administration for bioproduction inspiration. Our steady cell line administration, in view of ECACC authorized CHO-K1 cell and most grounded aptitude, intends to give high return ensured and quick timetable to meet our client’s downstream CMC improvement application.

Plasmid DNA Purification

The E.Z.N.A. Plasmid DNA Mini Kit I is intended to disconnect up to 25 µg of excellent plasmid DNA from 1-5 mL bacterial societies in under 30 minutes. Plasmid DNA cleansing follows the soluble lysis strategy and is rearranged with HiBind Mini Column innovation into three fast advances: Bind, Wash, and Elute. Decontaminated plasmid DNA is quickly prepared for a wide assortment of downstream applications, for example, routine screening, limitation compound assimilation, change, PCR and DNA sequencing.

The E.Z.N.A. Plasmid DNA Mini Kit is accessible in two arrangements – Q-turn (D6942) and V-turn (D6943). D6942 (Q-turn) highlights sections that are capless while D6943 (V-turn) incorporates segments that have a cap connected. The segments are generally indistinguishable being used and application and can be utilized in both vacuum or centrifugation conventions.

Fast – Purification of plasmid DNA in under 30 minutes
Safe – No Phenol/chloroform extractions
Flexible – Spin and vacuum designs accessible
Superior grade – DNA is reasonable for an assortment of downstream applications

Plasmid DNA

Plasmid DNA (pDNA) is a significant part of mRNA, immunization, and viral vector treatments. Scaling and streamlining downstream cycles during assembling requires an inside and out information on all unit activities.

pUC57- Simple

PVT10561 Nova Lifetech 2ug 182 EUR

pMD- 19T (Simple)

PVT0016 Nova Lifetech 2ug 182 EUR

pUC57 Simple Plasmid

PVT0006 Nova Lifetech 2ug 216 EUR


F53859-0.05ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.05 ml 140.25 EUR

T1 Simple Cloning Kit

20-abx098056 Abbexa
  • Ask for price
  • Ask for price
  • 20 rxns
  • 60 rxns

T1 Simple Cloning Kit

abx098056-100l Abbexa 100 µl 737.5 EUR

T1 Simple Cloning Kit

abx098056-1ml Abbexa 1 ml Ask for price

T1 Simple Cloning Kit

abx098056-200l Abbexa 200 µl 950 EUR


IREM2F-100T ImmunoStep 100 test 512.4 EUR


IREM2PP-100T ImmunoStep 100 test 684 EUR


IREM2PU-01MG ImmunoStep 0,1 mg 356.4 EUR

Filter Paper Simple 110mm - PK100

FIL0122 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 8.1 EUR

Filter Paper Simple 125mm - PK100

FIL0124 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 9.45 EUR

Filter Paper Simple 150mm - PK100

FIL0126 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK100 12.15 EUR

Blunt Simple Cloning Kit

20-abx098060 Abbexa
  • Ask for price
  • Ask for price
  • 20 rxns
  • 60 rxns

Blunt Simple Cloning Kit

abx098060-100l Abbexa 100 µl 737.5 EUR

Blunt Simple Cloning Kit

abx098060-1ml Abbexa 1 ml Ask for price

Blunt Simple Cloning Kit

abx098060-200l Abbexa 200 µl 950 EUR

This online class presents a plan for a conventional assembling format which beats the difficulties related with the cleaning of pDNA i.e high thickness, enormous particle size, shear responsiveness, and similitudes with pollutants. Key contemplations for purging unit activities incorporate gather, lysis, explanation, unrelated stream filtration, chromatography to sanitizing grade filtration. The online course presents an exhaustive contextual investigation enveloping all downstream unit tasks.

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