mCherry Polyclonal Antibody.

mCherry is a monomeric red fluorescent protein (mRFP) with a hypothetical atomic load of 28 kDa having a place with the mFruits family. It is brilliant, photostable, and ideal for fluorescence microscopy. mCherry has an excitation most extreme at 587 nm and a discharge greatest at 610 nm. We offer mCherry antibodies that have been refered to in 100+ distributions with various 4 and 5-star surveys.

Peruse our list of monoclonal antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, and mCherry-formed antibodies. Our mCherry antibodies have been approved for a very long time applications including ELISA, ICC, Immunofluorescence, IHC-Free Floating, IHC-Frozen, IHC-Paraffin, IHC-Whole Mount, Live Imaging Microscopy, Single-Cell Western, and Knockdown Validated Western Blot. These mCherry antibodies are reasonable in different model species including Human, Mouse, Rat, Zebrafish, All Species, and Non-species Specific. Utilize the rundown beneath to pick the counter mCherry neutralizer which is generally proper for your exploration; you can tap on every one to see full specialized subtleties, pictures, references, surveys, and related items. Each mCherry neutralizer is completely covered by Novus’ Guarantee+.

Straightforward Robust Protocols.

HCR IHC conventions are straightforward, strong, and compound free, requiring just 2 phases autonomous of the quantity of target proteins.

Clear Multiplexing
HCR empowers direct multiplexing involving 1-venture quantitative sign enhancement for all target proteins at the same time.

Attachment and-Play with Your 1º Antibodies of Choice

For protein focuses in any organic entity across the tree of life, fitting and-play utilizing your own 1º antibodies of decision (without alteration) in mix with approved HCR 2º counter acting agent tests.


Consolidate HCR IHC tests with HCR RNA-FISH tests to empower HCR protein-IHC + HCR RNA-FISH for multiplexed, quantitative, high-goal protein and RNA imaging with 1-venture HCR signal enhancement for all protein and RNA targets at the same time.

Quantitative High-Resolution Protein Imaging
qHCR protein imaging empowers protein relative quantitation with subcellular goal in the physical setting of profoundly autofluorescent examples.

mCherry Polyclonal Antibody

Portrayal: Goat polyclonal counter acting agent to mCherry (Cherry fluorescent protein). mCherry protein is gotten from DsRed, a designed red fluorescent protein from supposed plate corals of the variety Discosoma.

Elective names: Cherry fluorescent protein; dsRed, red fluorescent protein, tdTomato immunizer.
Structure: Polyclonal immunizer provided as a 200 µl (3 mg/ml) aliquot in PBS, 20% glycerol and 0.05% sodium azide. This immunizer is epitope-proclivity decontaminated from goat antiserum.

Random Hexamers 100 µg

26-4000-03 Gene Link 100 ug 125 EUR

mCherry Antibody

5993-100 Biovision 403 EUR

Anti-PON1 Clone KRJ1 (100 µg)

0801012 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR

Anti-PON1 Clone KRJ2 (100 µg)

0801014 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR


354221 CORNING 1/pk 86 EUR

Anti-Zika NS1 Clone 1D12 (100 µg)

0801025 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR

Anti-Zika Envelope Clone 4C7 (100 µg)

0801026 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR

mCherry Quantification Kit

K971-100 Biovision 398 EUR

mCherry Fluorescent Protein

4993-100 Biovision 408 EUR

mCherry Antibody

20-abx159607 Abbexa
  • 272.00 EUR
  • 230.00 EUR
  • 100 ug
  • 50 ug

mCherry Antibody

abx332840-100ul Abbexa 100 ul 425 EUR

mCherry Antibody

5993-30T Biovision 146 EUR

mCherry antibody

70R-12458 Fitzgerald 100 ug 527 EUR

mCherry mAntibody (Clone 1)

5411-100 Biovision 387 EUR

S-100 Antibody

3958-100 Biovision 316 EUR


MO22192 Neuromics 100 ul 435 EUR

Anti-HIV Type 1 gp41 Clone 10E9 (100 µg)

0801006 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR

Anti-HIV Type 1 p17 Clone 2D11 (100 µg)

0801076 Zeptometrix 100 µg 284 EUR

Immunogen: Purified recombinant peptide created in E. coli.Specificity: In 293HEK cells transfected with compact discs plasmid identifies a band of 29 kDa by Western smudge. This immunizer (AB0081) perceives very well tdTomato and doesn’t cross-respond to GFP (green fluorescent protein).

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