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The Open Tiger Genome Project is a public project and service originally launched by a non-profit foundation Genome Research Foundation (GRF) and TheragenEtex Inc. in collaboration with BGI, China.

It is aiming at preserving tiger genome information, the level 1 endangered species. GRF has completed the standard reference genome of Amur (Siberian) tiger analysis by sequencing and analyzing its genome in collaboration with BGI, Theragen, Everland Zoo, BGI, Dobzhansky Center for Genome Bioinformatics, and many experts.

We value teamwork and collaboration. This project has been one of the most beautiful scientific projects in terms of teamwork, dedication, hard work, and good collaboration.

Open Tiger Genome Project (OTGP) is an international & open project for sequencing and analyzing tiger genomes. 

Everyone is welcome to join. Please contact Jong Bhak to join (

We are accepting funds and donations for sequencing tigers and other big cats (Felidae family).

If you are interested in participating.