BMP21-LAB Portable Label Printer.

The BMP21 Hand-held Label Printer, kill mystery and appreciate quick and simple designing of ordinarily utilized name types for checking wire and link, terminal squares, fix boards and significantly more. You can be certain your Brady marks will stay stuck for quite a long time. Make clear, decipherable names with modern strength fortitude to endure even the most extreme conditions. They won′t tumble off, smear or blur.

Easy to work and fast to print, it′s a naming instrument explicitly intended for modern conditions like voice/datacom, electrical and general modern. Print one mark, knowing it′ll stick and remain clear for the years to come.

The BMP21 is a marking arrangement that prompts expanded usefulness, preeminent exactness and unmatched quality for a more secure and a more effective work environment.

Elements and Benefits:

  • Hard wearing plan for modern conditions
  • 203 dpi warm exchange print
  • Huge LCD Display (3 lines of text, 1 line of symbols)
  • Magnet and post lash for one-gave activity
  • Electric lamp embellishment for use in bound and low light regions
  • Prints on a varity of materials including Continuous Labels
  • Programmed information serialization and implicit designs and scanner tags
  • Admittance to 80 unique images, including 48 general ID images
  • Ergonomic double shaper fastens that hold the mark until you really want it
  • Six dialects (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Scanner tags (3 of 9 and 128)
  • Incorporated Smart Cell innovation
  • Textual style Autosizing

Cell Culture and Cryogenics

The nature of the consumables that you select to deal with routine yet basic lab errands, run plate-based examines, or store your examples will constantly add to the respectability of your information. Our total scope of cell culture supplies incorporates serological pipets, cell spreaders, and lifters, in addition to culture, shaker, bioreactor, and spinner flagons, culture plates and embeds, and dishes. Head quality Millicell plates, embeds, chamber slides, and multi-facet culture flagons are intended for uncommonly productive, biorelevant cell culture. To shield valuable reagents and tests at low temperatures, we have your cryogenic taking care of requirements covered with cooler racks, vials and cylinders, cryolabeling arrangements, and forceps from the most confided in producers in the existence sciences, intended for both examination and clinical use.

Cell Culture Supplies

A broad assortment of cell culture supplies including serological pipets, cell spreaders and lifters, cups for disciple and suspension societies, shaker flagons, bioreactor carafes, spinner jars, culture plates, cell culture embeds, petri dishes, and culture dishes.

Millicell Cell Culture Inserts and Plates

Millicell cell culture embeds and plates, chamber slides, and multi-facet cell culture cups are designed for proficient cell culture, in vivo-like cell development, and naturally pertinent outcomes. Pick hanging or standing additions for your way of life application.

Cryo Storage
We offer a wide scope of cryo supplies including cooler racks, tubes and vials, names and markers, and forceps for research and clinical applications from the most dependable names in the business.

Lab Chemicals

We offer a complete arrangement of lab synthetics including acids, salts, harsh antacids, bases, metals, solvents, and exceptional items for scientific use in wet compound labs, natural labs, and somewhere else. With severe quality controls and brilliant bunch to-cluster consistency, you can constantly anticipate solid outcomes. We additionally supply correlative lab synthetics for everyday applications, for example, drying specialists, cleaning cleansers, markers, and assistants. For greatest wellbeing and effortlessness during lab work, we give specific security items, like withdrawal frameworks, extras, and strong spill sponges.

  1. Salts
    Investigate a complete scope of salts presented under three portfolios for an assortment of utilizations: Supelco for insightful techniques and applications, Sigma-Aldrich for exemplary examination and creation, and SAFC for biopharmaceutical and drug applications.
  2. Acids
    Investigate an extensive scope of acids presented under three portfolios for an assortment of utilizations: Supelco items for insightful science, Sigma-Aldrich materials for lab and creation, SAFC items for biopharmaceutical and drug improvement and assembling.
  3. Acidic Alkalis and Bases
    Our three portfolio brands offer acidic salts and bases to meet the different prerequisites of your particular applications. Supelco items for logical science, Sigma-Aldrich materials for lab and creation, SAFC items for biopharmaceutical and drug advancement and assembling.
  4. Metals
    Browse our wide choice of metals, metal salts, and metal oxides in different grades, ideal for an assortment of utilizations in R&D, creation, and quality control. We assurance to convey premium high immaculateness and quality items, with astounding group to-cluster consistency to accomplish reproducible outcomes.
  5. Colorimetric and Titrimetric Test Kits
    Colorimetric and titrimetric test packs with splendid variety cards permit simple and exact investigation for hydroponics, surface water and modern water testing.
  6. Solvents
    Peruse our extensive scope of solvents presented under three portfolio brands for your different applications: Supelco for logical techniques, Sigma-Aldrich for exemplary examination and creation, and SAFC for biopharmaceutical and drug applications.

BMP21 LAB Label Printer

The BMP21-LAB mark printer has been straightforwardly supplanted with the M210-LAB Label Printer – a similar handheld lab ID execution you are utilized to, alongside a few extraordinary new functionalities,

MicroTools Starter Kit #1

T1SK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 412 EUR

MicroTools Starter Kit #2

T2SK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 412 EUR

MicroTools Starter Kit #3

T3SK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 412 EUR

Small Molecule Starter Kit #1

SMSK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 462 EUR

MicroRT Room Temperature Starter Kit #1

RTSK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 399 EUR



MicroTools for Manipulation: Kit 1

T1-L25-A1 MiTeGen 20 TOOLS 118 EUR

LCP Classic Starter Kit

MLCP-CSK-1 MiTeGen 1 KIT 2000 EUR

MicroTools Holder

MT-HOLDER MiTeGen 1 Grid 6 EUR

LCP EZ-Cut Starter Kit


UniPuck Starter Kit 1

M-CP-UPSK001 MiTeGen 1 KIT 4260 EUR

MicroTools for Manipulation: Kit 2

T2-L25-A1 MiTeGen 20 TOOLS 118 EUR

MicroTools for Measurements: Kit 3

T3-L25-A1 MiTeGen 20 TOOLS 118 EUR

Pipetman Starter Kit

F167300 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 734.16 EUR

Crystallography Starter Kit

CSK-2 MiTeGen 1 KIT 373 EUR



ELISA Starter Pack Kit

55R-E101PK Fitzgerald 1 kit 675.6 EUR

for example, on-screen material measure and military grade shock and vibration obstruction. M210-LAB is viable with generally a similar BMP21-LAB marks, as well as extra pre-sized and nonstop name choices, not accessible for the BMP21-LAB.

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